Saturday, January 16, 2021
Teems Energy

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Teems Lighting

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Teems Energy/Lighting is dedicated to our customers energy saving needs. Our goal is to help our customers save on their energy cost as well as help preserve our global environment. We provide energy/lighting audits to inform business owners where their energy costs are and advise them on how they can improve their profits by saving on their energy cost. All while helping conserve energy which helps our environment and that is important to us all.

To say that we feel good about what we do is an understatement. Teems Energy has been able to help hundreds companies create a better quality of light while saving 50% to 70% on energy consumption. We represent and install products that actually pay for themselves. We would love the opportunity to share some amazing stories of people just like you who have saved thousands of dollars.


Teems Steam

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Teems Mechanical/Steam division located at our Ringgold, GA office but has worked all over the southeast

installing, rebuilding and servicing hot water and steam boilers.

Our steam division has the ability to provide the following services:


• Steam Trap sizing

• Steam & Condensate piping & system upgrades

• Steam Trap Audits

• Control valve & PRV station Solutions

 • Pump Sales, Installation and Re-build

 • Boiler and Boiler Equipment Installation and Removal

 • Thermal Fluid Heater sales & Installation

 • Steam Trap Sales & Installation

 • Safety Valve Sales & Installation

 • Boiler Stack Repair 

• Piping sizing & Installation (Steam, Water, Air, Nitrogen, Gas and Condensate)

• Steamer Installation

•Valve Sales


Teems Steam Division is also capable of fabricating equipment such as but not limited to:

 • Steam Motive Pump Reservoirs

•Condensate Pump Reservoirs

• Scrubbers

• Feed Water Tanks

 • Mixing Tanks

 •Sparge Tubes

 • Steam Headers

 • Manifolds

 • Economizer Sales, Installation and Sizing

 • Sectional Boiler Repair


  • We are a preferred partner with TVA

  • FFVA Member

  • Dun & Bradstreet Accredited

  • NECA Member