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What We Do

  • Sales
  • New Boiler And Burner Sales
  • Thermal Oil Heater Sales
  • Feedwater and Blowdown Systems Sales
  • Boiler Controls & Automation
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Service
  • Oven Service
  • Code Repairs & Code Piping
  • Rentals:
  • Steam System Audits
  • Turn Key Installations
oNew and Used Boilers
oNew Burners
oThermal Fluid Heaters
oFeedwater and Blowout Systems
oStack Economizers
oBoiler Controls & Burner Management Systems
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uFiretube, Firebox Boliers

Vertical Tubeless         Condensing Boiler 


Steam or Hot Water
Gas, Oil, Coal, Solid Waste Wood Biomass, and Hybrid Fuels
 Iroquois Flexible Watertube Boilers 



4,200 to 50,400 (100 to 1200 BoHP)

Compact Footprint

Patent Pending Design

ASME Section IV & Section I

Design Pressure Capability to 650 psig

Unique Optional Radiant Superheater Available

Multiple Pass Design

Easy Access to All Tubes for Maintenance

Optional Field Assembly Design Without Welding or Rolling

uHigh Efficiency Burners from 400,00 up to 109,000 btu/hr
With The Capability Of:
oHigh turndown ratio 10:1 (20:1 to 7100MBH)
o3%  O2 throughout the entire firing range
o0 ppm CO throughout the entire firing range
o30 ppm Nox capability without FGR
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uINTEC thermal oil heaters are characterized by the following features:
oTailor-made design to individual customer requirements
oHigh efficiency which leads to low operating costs
oEnvironmentally friendly due to low emissions
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uBoiler Feedwater Units Deaerators,
  Condensate Receivers and Blowdown Tank Sales:
oCustom Built Atmospheric Feedwater Tanks and Condensate Recievers
oHigh Pressure DA and Blowdown Tanks
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uFull Boiler Boiler Burner and Control Upgrade Including:
oFlame Safeguard
oParallel Positioning
oWater Level Control
oFirst-Out Annunciation
oCustom Built Touchscreen
oPLC additions / upgrades
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uAnnual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly
oThermal Fluid Heaters
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oCombustion Tuning
oRetro Fits
oEfficiency Upgrades
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uBake Off Oven Service and Rebuild:
Line Protection, Coaters, Pre-Heat and Heat-Set Ovens
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Holders Of:
oCNational Board "NB" & "R" Stamp
oASME "S" & "U" Stamps
oB31.1 Power Piping
Code Spool Pieces

Fabricated In Our Shop In Ringgold, GA





Fabricated Tanks and Vessels
Custom Built Condensate Receivers and Motive Pump Skids                              Atmospheric Boiler Feedwater Tank




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Stainless Steel, Carbon & Inconel

Stainless Steel Carbon & Inconel
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Self Contained Mobile Steam Boiler Rooms and Thermal Fluid Heaters
oSteam, Gas & Water Flow Meters with Data Logger
oHigh Pressure Gas Regulating Stations
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We can conduct a full steam system audit comprised of:

üFull Steam Trap Studies
üCheck Piping for Heat Sinks
üCheck Heat Exchangers for present stall conditions.


Audits start in the boiler room and follow steam piping to process

and back to the feedwater tank or DA.



A custom booklet will be constructed for each facility comprised of 5 sections including:

üSteam System Description,
üObservations & Recommendations
üPriority Repair List
üTrap Audit
üReference Section.



We then set a meeting to review the booklet and its findings with the customer.




Steam Audit Scope:


1.All traps will be tagged and checked for proper operation.


2.Steam traps will be sized and recommendations will be given for energy efficient traps.


3.Steam piping will be checked for proper sizing and location of drip legs & clean outs.


4.Estimated savings will be calculated from present fuel, water cost and current boiler run time.


5.Boiler room efficiency estimates will be compiled and listed.


6.  Visually Check the operation of the DA, Feed water Tank and list findings.


8.Recommendations will be given for any safety related items viewed.


9.Estimated repair cost will be compiled and presented in the custom facility booklet in conjunction with
estimated savings.
Samples of various Audit Observations:

The Feed Water Tank’s steam pre-heat valve does not have a drip leg and trap up stream.




Removing the condensate will make the valve control more accurately.


Condensate can eventually destroy the seat in the valve.




Adding a drip leg and trap is recommended 




The main steam header in the boiler room does not have a drip leg



and a trap before the main 100 PSI knock down regulator.



High pressure steam should come from top of the pipe.


This header has an elevation change on the high pressure main.




Recommend installing drip leg, trap and clean-out











Steam Audit Samples:





Properly evacuating condensate from a steam system.

This will improve steam quality and can prevent

steam expansion (water hammer) causing vessels

to rupture and valve or piping issues.




Installation of properly sized and properly placed drip legs

& traps with clean outs are recommended

on every elevation change.




All steam system drip legs should be properly sized



and have clean outs installed.



These clean outs can be drilled and tapped for 1/2” NTP,


or flanged clean outs with steam rated ball valves added


for blow down on 4 to 6 month intervals to remove any excess debris.





Traps with strainers can be blown down under this PM type procedure also.


Over time leaks develop causing oxygen to enter the steam and


condensate system, this can cause carbonic acid.


Carbonic acid can cause internal pipe and equipment erosion or failure. 







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oWe have a Central Master Inventory in Ringgold, GA
oWe have Fully Stocked Service Trucks
Steam/Water System Componants
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oBoiler Room, House Keeping Pads and Assicoated Steam Equipment.
oInstallation Of (Steam, Gas, Oil,Electrical and Water Piping)
oBuild Any Access Or Support Structures
oModify or Build New Stack, Breeching or Exaust Ducts for all your needs.
oIStart-Up and Comission New Equipment
All Work Completed By In House Trades!!!
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Teems Steam

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Teems Mechanical/Steam division located at our Ringgold, GA office but has worked all over the southeast

installing, rebuilding and servicing hot water and steam boilers.

Our steam division has the ability to provide the following services:


• Steam Trap sizing

• Steam & Condensate piping & system upgrades

• Steam Trap Audits

• Control valve & PRV station Solutions

 • Pump Sales, Installation and Re-build

 • Boiler and Boiler Equipment Installation and Removal

 • Thermal Fluid Heater sales & Installation

 • Steam Trap Sales & Installation

 • Safety Valve Sales & Installation

 • Boiler Stack Repair 

• Piping sizing & Installation (Steam, Water, Air, Nitrogen, Gas and Condensate)

• Steamer Installation

•Valve Sales


Teems Steam Division is also capable of fabricating equipment such as but not limited to:

 • Steam Motive Pump Reservoirs

•Condensate Pump Reservoirs

• Scrubbers

• Feed Water Tanks

 • Mixing Tanks

 •Sparge Tubes

 • Steam Headers

 • Manifolds

 • Economizer Sales, Installation and Sizing

 • Sectional Boiler Repair


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